Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Blanket of Snow

      We finish up with our snack and get ready to head out to recess. Second grade has been exceptionally focused all morning and they have definitely earned the time outside. As we gaze out the window we realize that a fresh blanket of snow is beckoning us. As this is the first snowy day we've had, we remind each other of the gear necessary for these white, brisk, winter days . They race off to change.

     Then, it's time. 

    I walk outside, geared up and coffee in hand...

    Already, kids have taken out the sleds and are zooming down the small hill. The other teacher on duty is trying to manage the chaos but I can feel how uneasy he is. As they fly by, tumble, and whiz down the small hill, they are also headed straight for the tall, incredibly hard metal structure of the swing set. We let the sledding pandemonium go for as long as we can but soon enough, they get far too close to face planting into metal. As we put a damper on their sledding fun, they groan and grumble while they put the sleds away, but the turn around is quick. In a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds, they are off to other snowy parts of the playground. 

    While standing in place, I turn in a circle to get a full scope of the new activities. In almost every corner we have snowmen and fort builders. At one end they have constructed a giant caterpillar and 10 kids have decided to ride it. We may have put a stop to the sledding but some kids are undeterred as they realize they don't actually need a sled to whiz down a hill - you're bottom will do just fine! 

    Then I realize that, as busy as they all are, there is a strange calmness that engulfs this recess. It's the snow. It has captured us all and in this moment, we are content. 

    I sip my coffee that I've managed to keep in my cup despite my constant slips, and make a mental note to bring my snow pants to school.